Lagoona Mall Dresses Up for the Holy Month of Ramadan and celebrates Garangao

Doha, 20 July 2013: Lagoona Mall, Qatar’s most sophisticated and stylish shopping haven, has dressed up for Ramadan, adorned with decorations and embellishments that are strongly underpinned with an authentic essence of the holy month of philanthropy, magnanimity and fraternity. Bedecked with heart-warming ornaments, Lagoona Mall rolls-out its best hospitable atmosphere to all visitors for the duration of Ramadan.
Guests of Lagoona Mall will be welcomed with a magnificent, towering mock-up of Qatar’s largest mosque, Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahab. The real-size mosque can accommodate up to 30,000 congregates with an architectural approach that reminisces old Arabian legacy.
Additionally, Lagoona Mall has set up another equally impressive model of Qatar’s beacon, the Fanar, that aims to raise the awareness and understanding of Islam and the culture of Qatar through a range of exhibitions, tours and events. Fanar is strongly known for its Islamic-inspired architectural designs and superb ornaments with a beautiful outlook of Doha. From the rich Qatari heritage of sailing at large, the lighthouse was a tangible way of returning to land safely.

Mr. Eamon Kelly, General Manager of Lagoona Mall said: “We are hoping we can add a unique touch to the awe-inspiring atmosphere of the holy month of Ramadan. This is a great time for everyone to come together in a celebration of solidarity and in appreciation of the gifts bestowed upon us all. We wish our visitors and the entire population of Qatar a very blessed season.”
Lagoona Mall’s hallways will be also garnished with replicas of the moon cycle during Ramadan. The outside façade of the mall will come to life with a dazzling play of lights.

Furthermore, on Monday 22 July, Lagoona Mall will mark Garangao, celebrated on the 14th day of Ramadan, with a host of specially organized activities for children. This traditional event, hosted by the Children’s Cultural Center, celebrates this special day of the Holy Month, and highlights the rich cultural and religious heritage of Qatar and the GCC countries. It will be held from 9:00 pm to 11:30 pm
Lagoona Mall is also set to drum up Eid celebrations with a festival filled with music, fun and entertainment.


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