Lagoona Mall Welcomes Ramadan with the World’s Largest Display of Verses from the Holy Quran

Doha, 28 July 2014: Lagoona Mall, Qatar’s most sophisticated and stylish shopping haven, has dressed up for Ramadan with the world’s largest display of verses from the Holy Quran including religious quotes from the Holy Kaa’ba adorning the external front of the Mall.
This iconic display measuring 58 X 16 metres makes it the largest ever in the world in terms of size and scale. This initiative further reiterates Lagoona Mall’s commitment to provide its patrons with the most unique shopping experience that blends aspects of Qatari heritage and traditions with modern elegance, with an added sense of spirituality that reflects the values of the auspicious month.
In addition to the religious display, Lagoona Mall management has decorated the building premises with simple and elegant designs that further enhance the festive and spiritual environment.

The mall corridors are decorated with quotes adorning the walls of the Holy Kaa’ba “the Merciful, the Most Compassionate” (Ya Rahman Ya Rahim) embodying the spirit and values of this blessed month. On the other side of the four portraits, visitors can enlighten themselves with the prayer that muslims recite at the time of breaking their fast. The quotes have been carefully designed incorporating the same font, design and colours represented at the Holy Kaa’baa to maintain authenticity of the artwork.

The lighting directed to the Verse gives it new attractive look that highlights its beauty and value, while the projections on the mall fronts present artistic visuals and effects that reflect the internal decorations and quotes.


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